Night Shift Health

Should working or playing odd hours come with a warning label? Maybe it should now that a new study is showing how living outside “normal” hours is hard on your body.

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Diabetes Drug Linked To Alzheimer’s

Research published today is suggesting that a commonly prescribed drug to control blood sugar might increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. But, as this ScienCentral News video explains, it also suggests that using the drug in combination with insulin might reduce the risk.

Insulin For Alzheimer’s Disease

Image courtesy: Marcelo Vieira, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

New research published today says that insulin, the hormone used to treat diabetes, might some day be useful for treating or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer

It’s already known that weight-loss surgery for morbid obesity can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems. Now, new research shows that it may also cut a person’s risk of cancer by 80-percent.

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Healthy Curry Recipe

In this ScienCentral web exclusive Chef Suvir Saran, of New York City’s Devi restaurant, demonstrates how to use turmeric in a delicious recipe and defines what curry really is.

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Curry for Diabetes

Could an ingredient in curry reverse symptoms of diabetes and obesity? Researchers working with mice have found that it could.

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Diabetes Surgery

It may be the closest known thing to a cure for type 2 diabetes: gastric bypass surgery, currently done only for major weight loss. But one surgeon hopes to prove that a similar surgery could help non-obese diabetics. Meet a diabetes patient who’s determined to have the surgery.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Bad Belly Fat

Belly fat may cause blockages in the arteries. The finding could lead to better drugs to protect against heart disease.

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Diabetes Brake

Researchers have discovered how to stop a critical braking mechanism that makes obese people non-responsive to insulin, leading to diabetes. Finding this molecular brake gives hope for a new generation of diabetes drugs.

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