Midas Touch: Finger Length Associated With Financial Success

Research indicates that the length ratio of the index finger to the ring finger can predict relative levels of prenatal androgen exposure. The longer the fourth finger, the higher the level of those steroids, and also—studies have shown—a greater chance of success in competitive activities such as sports.

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Pink Iguana Discovered in Galapagos; “Doh!” says Darwin

Image courtesy of PNAS/Gabrielle Gentile

One-hundred fifty years after Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Species—the book that laid out his theory of natural selection as a means of evolution—scientists are hailing the evolutionary significance of a creature that Darwin missed during his time in the Galápagos Islands: the pink iguana.

Kissing Cousins, Dorm Pets, and Another Reason To Nap

In the spirit of keeping things simple for those enduring a post-holiday hangover, we offer some science news hors d’oeuvres to snack on before ringing in a new year with the heavy stuff.

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Dogs Become Bitter When You Withhold Their Snausages

A new study suggests that dogs have a sense of fairness, and can feel envy when they are not properly - or equitably -rewarded.

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Dishonest Fiddler Crabs Score More Babes, Thanks To Bogus Claws

Just look at this fellow. Seems like the trustworthy type, right? The kind of crab who would take long scuttles on the beach, dine on some detritus by moonlight, and then go home to meet your mother? Alas, this is not the case.

Automakers Prepare for the Future With… “Aging Suits”

The “Big Three” U.S. auto companies are begging the government for money. But what have they been doing recently to prepare for the future? Developing more energy efficient cars? Feh! They’re engineering cars that are easier for aging boomers to drive.

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Egg Beaters as DIY Centrifuges Could Save Lives

The secret to saving lives in developing countries could be in your own kitchen drawer. A simple handheld egg-beater makes an excellent substitute for expensive, electric-powered centrifuges, reports the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Lab on a Chip.

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Would You Like Corn With That?

New research shows corn is the core of all fast food. Information published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that the overwhelming majority of fast food is based on a single source: corn.

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Scientists Create Live Frankenmice From Tissue of Mice Frozen for 16 Years

Japanese scientists report today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the successful cloning of mice using genetic material from bodies frozen up to 16 years ago.

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School Alleviates Stress Instead of Causing It…For Once

Psychology professor Richard Wiseman has created just the thing for me. On October 21, he unveiled what is being called “the world’s most relaxing room” at the University of Hertfordshire’s Health and Human Sciences Research Institute Showcase.

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