2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal Winner: Lotfi A. Zadeh

The 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering is presented to Lotfi Zadeh for his invention and development of the field of fuzzy logic, a mathematical system that captures aspects of the ambiguity of human language and thought, which has solved problems in areas such as artificial intelligence and the automated control of machines.

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Naps and Creativity

Telling your boss you need a nap might not be the smartest thing to do at work, but scientific evidence is now on your side. As this ScienCentral News video explains, sleep researchers just released a new study that says naps over an hour long may boost creative problem solving.

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Street Corner Science with Stephen Benkovic

ScienCentral is taking science back to the people with our second installment of “Street Corner Science,” the radical yet-simple concept in which a film crew and a renowned scientist are plunked down amidst a busy city center, and an impromptu Q&A session with the public ensues.

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Hatred Close To Home

A horrible terrorist plot nearly unfolded near my home in the Bronx. Can science explain why someone would do such a thing?

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Baby Motor Chairs

This Mother’s Day, we bring you the story of one woman’s dream to give her child mobility. This ScienCentral News video reports on research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world- with the help of robots.

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Whitesides Wins Another

We’re happy to learn that George Whitesides has won the inaugural Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences.

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I Killed That Mountain: Backyard Climate Blog

Half of the electricity generated in the United States and nearly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from burning coal, and both of those numbers are predicted to rise, according to Department of Energy projections. The Backyard Climate Blog explains.

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Baby Names and Fads

As we sign those Mother’s Day cards, most of us know the story behind the choice of our names. Now, new research published this week looks at baby names as a window into how popular trends catch on and die out. This ScienCentral News video explains.

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2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal Winner: J. Frederick Grassle Ph.D.

As one of the oldest and most prestigious science and technology awards programs in the world, The Franklin Institute Awards Program presented the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medals in six fields of science and engineering. In addition to the Benjamin Franklin Medals, two Bower Awards were presented for achievements made in science and business leadership.

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Better Bionic Eye

Artificial, bionic-like eyes, similar to the ones in the iconic image of “The Terminator,” are another step closer to becoming reality. The trick for researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign was that in order to make a tiny video camera work like an eye, it must be shaped like an eye.

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