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ScienCentral’s talented writers, producers, editors and project managers help organizations communicate ideas and stories about a wide range of science and technology topics. From reporters to managers, our staff has years of experience producing work that brings to the public a greater appreciation and understanding of science-based discovery and technological developments.

In addition to on-site scientists, ScienCentral works with a network of scientific and technical advisors to ensure accuracy in each and every ScienCentral story and program.

General Information: (212) 244-9577 or Toll free (877) 4-SCIENCE

Name phone extension
President/CEO Eliene Augenbraun ext. 111
Office Manager Jose Grullon ext. 101
Marketing/Business Development Assistant Fallon Parrish ext. 106
Co-News Director Jack Penland ext. 112
Co-News Director Brad Kloza ext. 102
Senior Producer, News/Assignment Editor Joyce Gramza (315) 233-9503
Video Editor/Videographer/Producer, News James Eagan ext. 128
Executive Producer, Productions Toni Subklewe ext. 121
Producer, Post-Production/Associate Producer, News/Web Producer Sandy Chase ext. 105
Associate Producer, News Sunita Reed ext. 129
Associate Producer, News/Assistant Editor and Videographer Chris Bergendorff ext. 109
Head of Online Productions Tom Fishman ext. 120
Intern, News Jessica Tanenbaum ext. 114
Intern, Productions Charles Young ext. 123
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