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ScienCentral’s talented writers, producers, editors and project managers help organizations communicate ideas and stories about a wide range of science and technology topics. From reporters to managers, our staff has years of experience producing work that brings to the public a greater appreciation and understanding of science-based discovery and technological developments.

In addition to on-site scientists, ScienCentral works with a network of scientific and technical advisors to ensure accuracy in each and every ScienCentral story and program.


General Information: (212) 244-9577 or Toll free (877) 4-SCIENCE
Name phone extension
President/CEO Eliene Augenbraun ext. 111
Chief Financial Officer Dominick Bencivenga ext. 106
Vice President, Business Development Julia Schulhof ext. 108
Vice President, Productions Annemarie Amparo ext. 118
Vice President, News Jack Penland ext. 112
Assistant News Director Orrin Schonfeld ext. 103
Office Manager Jose Grullon ext. 101
Producer Ann Marie Cunningham ext. 119
Producer Joyce Gramza (315) 592-9651
Producer Brad Kloza ext. 102
Producer Sanjanthi Velu ext. 104
Research Producer Donna Vaughan ext. 114
Photographer/Editor Peter Zunitch ext. 109
Associate Producer Liza Acevedo ext. 105
Associate Producer/Web Writer Karen Lurie ext. 121
Librarian Eleonora Kuchuk ext. 120
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