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March 18, 2013
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  Naps and Creativity06.08.09
 Sleep researchers just released a new study that says naps over an hour long may boost creative problem solving.

  Girls Vs. Boys At Math06.02.09
 Are men naturally better at math than women or is that just an out-dated stereotype?

  Thin Brains and Depression05.28.09
 Depression in your family puts you at high risk of depression. Now researchers have found a structural difference in the brain that could explain why.

  Teens, Frogs & Climate Change05.22.09
 Frogs and other amphibians are dying in large numbers, and now a group of teenagers is joining other amateur scientists to gather information on the problem.

  Money vs. Happiness05.14.09
 Researchers have found new evidence that "American Dream" achievements like wealth, fame and image are not the keys to happiness.

  Baby Motor Chairs05.08.09
 Sciencentral reports on new research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world— with the help of robots.

  Baby Names And Fads05.04.09
 New research published this week looks at baby names as a window into how popular trends catch on and die out.

  Better Bionic Eye04.29.09
 Artificial, bionic-like eyes, similar to the ones in the iconic image of “The Terminator,” are another step closer to becoming reality.

  Muscular Dystrophy Drug04.21.09

  Warming Walden04.16.09
 More than 150 years later, researchers are using Thoreau’s records to gather evidence of how the climate has warmed in the area of Walden Pond.