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May 9, 2008
Welcome to ScienCentral, your independent source for science videos and the latest technology and science news. Our stories and science videos appear on your local TV newscasts, but you can view them here, too - along with in-depth information to help you dig deeper.

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top story
  Moms Who Listen  05.09.08  
Mom Listening and Playing
This Mothers' Day, thank your mom for listening. That's because psychologists now say that explaining things to your mom actually helps you learn better.
Moms Who Listen: Full Story

  CO2 For Allergies  05.08.08  
Carbon Dioxide Tank
Allergy season is here, and along with your hay fever, you may be experiencing the annoying side effects of today's drugs. But a new treatment for allergies--with fewer side effects--might come from the same substance blamed for global warming, carbon dioxide. This ScienCentral News video explains.
CO2 For Allergies: Full Story
  Magnetic Brain Boost  05.02.08  
Testing TMS
Whether it's hitting the books for exams or extreme situations like combat, lack of sleep often comes at times when we need to perform at our best. Now, as this ScienCentral News video reports, brain researchers studying how sleep deprivation impairs memory have found a potential remedy.
Magnetic Brain Boost: Full Story
recent stories
Curly Hair Gene  05.01.08
If you don't like the hair you were born with, a scientific solution might be in the near future. Curly Hair Gene: Full Story
Gasoline From Trees  04.29.08
Scientists have found a way to convert wood fiber from trees into fuel for your car. The surprisingly simple process might put biofuels in your car's tank without using the world's food supply. Gasoline From Trees: Full Story
Squid Beaks  04.25.08
Researchers have long asked how soft squishy squid can have such hard, sharp beaks. The answers could lead to a useful new class of materials. Squid Beaks: Full Story
Lead and Alzheimer’s  04.24.08
New research provides early evidence of a link between lead and Alzheimer's Disease. Lead and Alzheimer’s: Full Story
Autism and Virtual Pals  04.23.08
Kids with autism may get some help from a virtual friend. Technology could help previously isolated kids make connections in the real world. Autism and Virtual Pals: Full Story
Rainy Days and Weekdays  04.18.08
Weather researchers have found evidence that rain storms tend to take it easy on the weekend. The extra weekday rain might be caused by the pollution we generate by commuting to work. Rainy Days and Weekdays: Full Story
Caffeine and Skin  04.17.08
Research into the effects of caffeine in mice shows the drug can help get rid of sun damaged skin cells before they become cancerous. Caffeine and Skin: Full Story
Brain Size and Alzheimer’s  04.15.08
Researchers now say that having a big brain may protect you from the memory-stealing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, even if you have the brain plaques associated with the disease. Brain Size and Alzheimer’s: Full Story

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