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April 7, 2013
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  Naps and Creativity06.08.09
 Sleep researchers just released a new study that says naps over an hour long may boost creative problem solving.

  Baby Names And Fads05.04.09
 New research published this week looks at baby names as a window into how popular trends catch on and die out.

  Muscular Dystrophy Drug04.21.09

  City vs Country Birds04.08.09
 Research suggests that, at least for birds, there’s biology to back up the idea that living in the city may take some special qualities.

  Dinosaur Bird Bones03.25.09
 Some hollow bones are providing solid new evidence of how birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  Late Shift Health03.02.09
 A new study is showing how living outside "normal" hours is hard on your body.

  Anti-Cancer Blood Transfusion06.27.08
 Researchers announced that they’ll soon start human trials of a cancer fighting method that uses blood from people who may be naturally cancer resistant. For a decade the researchers have studied how this works in mice, and now they’ve received federal approval to try it in people.

  "The Happening" and Plant Science06.12.08
 In "The Happening," common plants release a neurotoxin that threatens the survival of the human race. Scientists say summer is a good time to familiarize yourself with toxic plants that can be harmful to your health.

  Fly Flight Simulators06.06.08
 Scientists have built a flight simulator for the fly. The work could lead to new flying robots.

  3-D Microscope06.05.08
 Scientists have invented a way to trick a light microscope into revealing more details than ever before seen.