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April 7, 2013
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  Teens, Frogs & Climate Change05.22.09
 Frogs and other amphibians are dying in large numbers, and now a group of teenagers is joining other amateur scientists to gather information on the problem.

  City vs Country Birds04.08.09
 Research suggests that, at least for birds, there’s biology to back up the idea that living in the city may take some special qualities.

  Dinosaur Bird Bones03.25.09
 Some hollow bones are providing solid new evidence of how birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  Early Birds and Springtime03.19.09
 Scientists have evidence that suggests birds are nesting earlier due to global warming.

  Cow Power08.01.08
 A source of renewable energy and a way to reduce pollution is as close as your nearest farm. "Bull@%$*", you say? Exactly. A new study shows that manure could be the next source of greener energy.

  Cats, Kids & Asthma07.01.08
 Are cats good at preventing asthma? That’s the finding of a group of scientists studying childhood allergies in houses with and without cats.

  Fly Flight Simulators06.06.08
 Scientists have built a flight simulator for the fly. The work could lead to new flying robots.

  Blind Dog Cure05.15.08
 A dying and blind dog was given a last opportunity to see, thanks to a veterinarian who has figured out why some dogs suddenly go blind.

  Squid Beaks04.25.08
 Researchers have long asked how soft squishy squid can have such hard, sharp beaks. The answers could lead to a useful new class of materials.

  Obesity and Infection04.04.08
 Scientists have found yet another reason for you to shed those excess pounds. Researchers working with mice have found that obesity lessens the body’s ability to handle infection.