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April 7, 2013
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  Baby Motor Chairs05.08.09
 Sciencentral reports on new research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world— with the help of robots.

  Better Bionic Eye04.29.09
 Artificial, bionic-like eyes, similar to the ones in the iconic image of “The Terminator,” are another step closer to becoming reality.

  Melanoma Detector03.30.09
 Now researchers have developed a new test for melanoma that could prevent it from being misdiagnosed.

  Cancer Blood Tests07.28.08
 The holy grail of cancer detection is a simple blood test that would spot signals of cancer early enough to cure it. Now genetics researchers report a surprising discovery that could lead to such tests.

  Gasoline From Trees04.29.08
 Scientists have found a way to convert wood fiber from trees into fuel for your car. The surprisingly simple process might put biofuels in your car’s tank without using the world’s food supply.

  Emergency Stroke Drug04.07.08
 Millions of Americans are living with the aftermath of having a stroke. A former Miss Arizona talks about her stroke at age 26. Researchers are looking for safer ways to treat strokes when they happen.

  Commentary: Growth, Life, and Death04.04.08
 The finding that some extremely long-lived people have a gene mutation that makes them short (see "Height & Long Life") struck close to home for ScienCentral CEO Eliene Augenbraun. As a short child, she was part of a study on human growth hormone that, over time, went horribly wrong.

  Immunity Boost03.08.08
 Amid the news of a $23-million dollar court settlement by the makers of Airborne (a supplement that’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with the claim that it boosts the immune system) biomedical engineers are publishing research on a powder that could turn out to be the real thing. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the new powder could first be used to help fight cancer.

play video  Bionic Contact Lenses02.22.08
 Is bionic vision in your future? It might be if engineers can perfect a contact lens filed with electronics. As this ScienCentral News report explains, engineers have demonstrated how to put electronics inside a contact lens.

play video  Gecko Stitches02.18.08
 Unlocking the gecko’s ability to walk on walls is leading researchers to find a way to replace surgical stitches with sticky tape. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the challenge is to make a surgical tape that works in the wet conditions inside your body.