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April 7, 2013
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  Green Nanotechnology07.24.08
 Some are calling it a revolution in manufacturing technology. But, will nanotechnology be a "green" industry? It’s a question that some scientists are saying needs to be answered now, before nano-tech goes big-time.

  Nano Hazards?06.24.08
 Tiny particles of silver designed to kill germs are being put into socks to control odor. What happens to that nanosilver later is concerning some scientists.

  Immunity Boost03.08.08
 Amid the news of a $23-million dollar court settlement by the makers of Airborne (a supplement that’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with the claim that it boosts the immune system) biomedical engineers are publishing research on a powder that could turn out to be the real thing. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the new powder could first be used to help fight cancer.

play video  Cancer Chip03.04.08
 Researchers have found a new way to identify loose cancer cells in patients’ blood. As this ScienCentral News video explains, use of a high tech chip could give doctors a quicker and less invasive way to tell if treatments are working.

play video  Gecko Stitches02.18.08
 Unlocking the gecko’s ability to walk on walls is leading researchers to find a way to replace surgical stitches with sticky tape. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the challenge is to make a surgical tape that works in the wet conditions inside your body.

  Invisibility: Science Sensei 1101.21.08
 The concept of invisibility is a staple of science fiction, but might scientists turn it into a reality? Science Sensei reports on some of the progress that’s been made so far, and reveals what the implications for society are.

  Nano Food: Science Sensei 612.05.07
 He goes where no man has gone before. He discovers new taste sensations. And he’s not ashamed to wear a fanny pack while doing it. Science Sensei: Science. Satire. Silly. This week: The smallest food ever.

  Sensei’s Thanksgiving11.21.07

play video  Super Sticky Stuff09.18.07
 Imagine a pair of gloves that lets you climb walls like Spider Man. Now imagine
a pair of gloves like that which also work under water. Scientists say they can make adhesives that do that, but they needed the help of a reptile and a shellfish to
figure out how.

play video  Video Newspapers08.07.07
 Hollywood needs pricey special effects to make Harry Potter’s magical world come to life. But one bit of movie magic, Harry’s full-motion-video newspaper, may not be so far from reality. Prototypes of these displays have already been successfully demonstrated in the lab.