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August 28, 2004
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Odd Berries

top story
  War Bandages  08.27.04  
wounded soldier on stretcher
image: ABC News
At a recent conference of the Army's Combat Casualty Care Program, Army doctors praised the effectiveness of a new super bandage that's currently only available to soldiers. The secret behind them? Shrimp shells.
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  Sleep and Addiction  08.26.04 play video 
image: NBC News
A bad night's sleep for a child could mean more, in the long run, than just a cranky kid.

As this ScienCentral news video reports, new research suggests that childhood sleep troubles may be a potential marker for alcohol, cigarette and drug problems later in life.
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recent stories
Teens Reading  08.26.04 play video
Every year, more than a million teens drop out of high school, mostly because they can’t read well. Right now, researchers don’t know exactly how to help teens get out of reading trouble. One thing the experts do know—they have to figure out how to persuade teenagers to read in the first place. Full Story
Brain Disease Blocker  08.24.04 play video

Genetics researchers are reporting some exciting progress in the search for a cure for genetic brain-wasting diseases like Huntington’s disease. These painful, fatal diseases often don’t cause symptoms until after their victim has passed it on to their children. Full Story

Pain Relief Poison  08.24.04 play video
For millions of chronic pain sufferers, big relief could come from a small sea snail. Full Story
Electric Bullet  08.20.04 play video
A tragic shooting has prompted an inventor to create electric bullets aimed at helping police curb fatal shootings. Full Story

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