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Tsunami Warning (video) - February 20, 2003
Researchers studying the movement of water are now creating better ways to predict where and how tsunamis can affect us.

Strong Stuff (video) - February 18, 2003
An imaginative scientist figured out how one tough shell is made, and how that might help us make strong new materials.

Fishing for Trouble (video) - February 13, 2003
Both marine biologists and chefs are working together to give some fish a break.

Ice Mountain - February 07, 2003
A group of scientific adventurers went on a mission to measure climate change in an effort to learn whether the Antarctic ice cap is shrinking or growing.

Sinking City (video) - December 19, 2002
Low-lying, coastal cities around the world are in a battle with nature that threatens to wash them away.

Shifting Seas (video) - November 12, 2002
Two studies—60 years apart—show that sea life is already dramatically changing along one spot in northern California.

Harry Potter’s Owl (video) - November 05, 2002
Harry Potter is back, and along with him, a barrage of phone calls to nature groups from people who want an owl just like Harry’s. Problem is, owls make terrible pets.

Fallout Fears (video) - October 30, 2002
Should we be worried about nuclear fallout reaching the U.S. if a war broke out overseas.

Cloned Cuisine (video) - October 01, 2002
Genetically engineered animals may soon be what's for dinner. But the government still has some safety questions first.

Hurricane Heralds (video) - August 16, 2002
New technology is helping scientists understand and forecast hurricanes like never before.

Andrew + 10 (video) - August 16, 2002
Ten years after the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, this hurricane season looks mroe foreboding than the season of Andrew.

A Glow in the Deep (video) - August 09, 2002
Naval divers have found corals emitting a strange glow, and studying them could one day keep ships and subs safe from harm’s way.

Lawn Gone (video) - July 26, 2002
Replacing your lawn with seldom-used native grasses can help keep your carpet green even in a season of drought.

Mad Deer Disease (video) - July 19, 2002
Experts say mass-killing may be the only way to stop a deadly brain disease affecting deer and elk.

Hurricane Spotter (video) - June 28, 2002
A new eye in the sky can help predict hurricanes up to four days in advance.

Catnip for Bugs (video) - May 31, 2002
Scientists searching for safer insect repellents are finding a lot of promise in something most of us consider a cat’s toy.

Fish Out of Water (video) - May 24, 2002
With estimates of a global temperature increase of between 3 and 10 degrees over the next century, many people are simply planning to turn up the air conditioner. But what if you’re a fish?

Woodland Lab - May 17, 2002
One large, often natural source of carbon dioxide is forest fires.

Wildfire Warning - May 03, 2002
It’s only May, but near-record dry conditions are raising concern among forest fire officials, who are warning that this summer’s fire season could be another bad one.

Christmas Tree Blight (video) - December 13, 2001
One of the most popular kinds of christmas tree is being threatened in its natural environment.

Wet Water Shortage (video) - November 08, 2001
How could a prediction of more rain lead to worries about less water? It’s something else we can blame on global warming.

Rings of Fire (video) - September 06, 2001
According to those who can read trees like history books, wildfires raging across the country should bring considerations of a new wildland management policy based on more controlled burning.

Tuna Tracker (video) - September 04, 2001
Scientists from the Monteray Bay Aquarium are using satellites to track endangered bluefin tuna.

Diamonds of the Deep (video) - August 16, 2001
The journal Science has just released a report weighing in on an international controversy over the most sought after fish in the sea.

Tiny Bubbles (video) - August 02, 2001
Researchers at Purdue University may have found a way to eliminate chemicals like MTBE from water using sound waves.

Sort by: headline date showing 1 to 25, out of 79 found

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