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Bee Bugs - May 27, 1999
In the last decade, the wild honeybee population has been decimated, victims of a devastating parasitic mite.

Beer Foam Physics (video) - October 11, 2002
A few scientists won the Nobel Prize for outstanding discoveries. Some others won the Ig Nobel prize for research thatísÖ highly unusual.

Bermuda Blues - July 11, 2000
The idea of a thick green carpet of grass is something most homeowners lust after this time of year, but it may be more trouble than itís worth.

Beyond Mammography (video) - March 08, 2001
There are promising new technologies on the horizon for breast cancer detection.

Bio Detector (video) - January 29, 2003
Scientists are working on a way to connect a computer to living things, and the effort could help protect us from bioterror.

Biotech Bugs (video) - July 26, 2001
Research aimed at fighting a major cotton pest is igniting a battle over genetically modified insects.

Bioterror and Biology (video) - March 04, 2003
After many months of debate, biology researchers announced that they will not publish information that could be misused by bio-terrorists. But the debate over what should not be published goes on.

Bioterrorism (video) - September 27, 2001
With bioterrorism a growing concern, whether technology can be used to detect such an attack is as important as ever.

Birth Alert (video) - April 03, 2003
Newborn screening is a simple procedure that can alert new parents to rare genetic disorders their babies might have. But not all states screen for all disorders.

Black Box (video) - September 18, 2001
Thereís a new high-tech tool for possibly recovering erased or damaged information on magnetic tape, like the kind used in many black box cockpit recorders.

Black Box Recovery - July 25, 2000
Scientists have developed a device which can recover information from damaged or erased sound recordings, including airplanes’ black boxes.

Bloody Teeth Boost Memory (video) - February 13, 2003
A memory researcher says we can manipulate emotion to help improve our memory.

Bomb Sniffer - August 16, 1999
With the advent of the peak holiday travel season upon us, concern about airport security rears its ugly head again.

Brain Bounceback (video) - October 18, 2002
About 750,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year. In many cases, their ability to understand and use language is severely impaired. Now scientists can see why this ability is not lost for good.

Brain Pills (video) - March 18, 2003
Neuroscientists have found that some common painkillers could protect against Alzheimerís disease.

Brain Viagra - Part 1 (video) - April 21, 2003
Companies selling the herbal supplement gingko biloba say it can enhance your memory. But scientific evidence on whether gingko works has been controversial at best.

Brain Viagra - Part 2 (video) - April 21, 2003
Thereís a huge market for substances that claim to boost memory, but when can we expect drugs designed and proven to do that?

Breast Cancer Beginnings - March 15, 2001
Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco have found that certain cells in the breast may behave in a unique way that makes them more susceptible to cancer.

Bugs Bite Back - August 16, 1999
Another controversy has cropped up over alleged problems posed by plants genetically engineered to defend themselves against pests.

Building Brain Bridges (video) - January 21, 2003
Neurologists may have found a way to use stem cells to bridge the gaps in the brains of those affected by brain injuries like cerebral palsy.

Cancer Clue - August 29, 2000
Researchers have identified the structure of survivin, a protein that may prevent some cancer cells from committing suicide. Their research provides new hope of finding a cure for cancer.

Cancer Watchdogs (video) - August 02, 2002
Family pets could serve as cancer watchdogs.

Cancer-proof Mice (video) - May 06, 2003
Scientists have accidentally discovered a cancer-proof mouse.

Catching Up On Sleep (video) - January 07, 2003
Why itís important to catch up on your sleep.

Catnip for Bugs (video) - May 31, 2002
Scientists searching for safer insect repellents are finding a lot of promise in something most of us consider a catís toy.

Sort by: headline date showing 26 to 50, out of 363 found

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