May 13, 2003 

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Cancer-proof Mice (video) - May 06, 2003
Scientists have accidentally discovered a cancer-proof mouse.

War Stress (video) - May 06, 2003
A study has shown that some soldiers are particularly resistant to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Fire Hunter - May 02, 2003
Soon the Forest Service will have a new tool to identify and locate wildfires, and then help firefighters decide the best way to put them out.

Mighty Mini Motor (video) - May 01, 2003
Scientists are making incredibly tiny motors that could help keep us well.

Anthrax Genome (video) - April 30, 2003
Genetics researchers have completed sequencing the genome of anthrax. Now they hope to zero in on what makes it a killer.

Drugs from the Deep (video) - April 29, 2003
Ocean scientists have found an unlikely new source of many drugs—deep ocean mud.

Alzheimer’s Scans (video) - April 29, 2003
A new 3-D time-lapse video technique is helping neuroscientists see the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients’ brains for the first time.

Forecasting Danger - April 25, 2003
Over the last decade, deaths due to avalanche have nearly doubled. But scientists are using new technology to predict where and when avalanches might occur.

Smart Robots (video) - April 24, 2003
Scientists are making robots that can smile, frown, and even react to your expressions and emotions.

Protein Machine (video) - April 24, 2003
Scientists are looking for ways to use motor proteins to repair injuries from inside your body.

DNA’s Dark Lady (video) - April 22, 2003
Scientists and historians worldwide are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA. But

Brain Viagra - Part 1 (video) - April 21, 2003
Companies selling the herbal supplement gingko biloba say it can enhance your memory. But scientific evidence on whether gingko works has been controversial at best.

Brain Viagra - Part 2 (video) - April 21, 2003
There’s a huge market for substances that claim to boost memory, but when can we expect drugs designed and proven to do that?

Gene Taxpayers (video) - April 15, 2003
The Human Genome Sequence is complete, but taxpayers might be short-changed on profits from the multi-billion-dollar project.

Placebo Effect (video) - April 15, 2003
Neuroscientists say finding the answer to why the placebo effect works could help make real medicine more effective.

Mayan Meltdown - April 11, 2003
What would cause an advanced ancient culture to just disappear? Archaeologists have been wondering this about the Mayan civilization for some time. Now the mystery may have been solved by ocean researchers.

Good Fish, Bad Fish (video) - April 10, 2003
How do you know if your fish is safe to eat? Food safety experts say a new technique can make screening fish for contaminants much faster.

Instant Waterproofing (video) - April 10, 2003
What if you could instantly transform your coat into a raincoat whenever you need one? Scientists have just made the very first switchable surface.

Slowing Alzheimer’s (video) - April 08, 2003
A German drug tested in the U.S. seems to slow down Alzheimer’s disease in moderate to severely affected patients.

The Core (video) - April 08, 2003
The movie The Core offers a smidgen of science and a generous dose of science fiction. But it does make you wonder what the core of the earth is really like.

Infinite Cosmos - April 04, 2003
A NASA satellite just took a “baby picture” of the universe. It’s a photo that Albert Einstein would have been relieved to see.

Birth Alert (video) - April 03, 2003
Newborn screening is a simple procedure that can alert new parents to rare genetic disorders their babies might have. But not all states screen for all disorders.

Fat Attackers (video) - April 01, 2003
It’s not just one gene, but many genes that can cause obesity. teasing them apart can help drug designers create more effective treatments.

Older Women and Exercise (video) - April 01, 2003
Exercise can help us stay mentally young, and scientific evidence shows that’s especially true for older women.

Green Menace - March 28, 2003
Vacationing scuba divers across the U.S. should watch for what may be lurking beneath the surface of the water: an invasive alien that swamps all marine life in its path.

Sort by: headline date showing 1 to 25, out of 363 found

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