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November 19, 2003
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play video  Water Worlds10.09.03
Research suggests that water on planets in other solar systems could be more common than originally believed.

  Mars Approaches08.26.03
The orbits of Earth and Mars are closer than they’ve been for almost 60,000 years.

play video  Safe In Space06.26.03
Nanotechnology may come up with some extremely tiny tools to help us detect hazards on Mars.

play video  The Real Red Planet05.22.03
NASA plans to launch two more missions to explore Mars. The main objective is to determine more about its supply of the key to possible lifeówater.

  Infinite Cosmos04.04.03
A NASA satellite just took a baby picture of the universe. Itís a photo that Albert Einstein would have been relieved to see.

play video  Christmas Star12.18.01
Could one astronomerís interest in ancient coins provide a clue about the Star of Bethlehem?

play video  Leonids Spectacular11.15.01
Americans watching the skies in the wee hours of Sunday morning may see not just a shower, but a full-fledged meteor storm.

play video  Galactic Real Estate11.06.01
It appears that throughout the universe the value of real estate depends on location, location, location... and we earthlings live in one of the best neighborhoods.

play video  Super Vision02.06.01
Vision correction is only for people with poor eyesight. But as this co-production with Popular Science Magazine reports, soon even people with 20/20 vision will be able to enhance their eyesight—with a technique borrowed from astronomers.

  Focus on Space (sidebar)02.06.01
Never before seen features of planets and images of stars at the center of our galaxy are now coming into focus thanks to recent advances in adaptive optics.

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