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November 19, 2003
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  The Real Matrix10.31.03
While moviegoers anticipate the release of the final installment of The Matrix trilogy, physicists are working at unraveling its real-life counterpart—the parallel universes of string theory.

  Einstein’s Legacy10.24.03
Is it possible to have one theory that explains everything in the universe, both large, like planets, and small, like atoms? Some physicists think such a theory might be on the horizon.

play video  Measuring Isabel09.17.03
Whether or not a hurricane warrants an evacuation is a costly decision. Now new technology is helping scientists
decide when evacuation is necessary.

  Unsecured Radiation09.12.03
With the concern over dirty bombs, you’d expect the security of radioactive material to be top notch. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at university campuses.

play video  Magnetic Medicine09.04.03
Scientists have discovered liquids that can be manipulated by magnets. One nanotechnologist thinks he can make them useful to medicine by putting a spin on them.

  Mars Approaches08.26.03
The orbits of Earth and Mars are closer than they’ve been for almost 60,000 years.

play video  Better Light Bulbs08.07.03
Nanotechnology might help build light bulb that produces more light and less heat at lower cost.

play video  Gripping Stuff07.10.03
Nanotechnologists are working on an adhesive that could help you match Spider-Man’s feats.

play video  Cancer in Color06.05.03
Nanotechnology is offering much better views of cells’ constant and complex activity.

play video  Forecasting Terror06.03.03
How do you forecast where a toxic or radioactive cloud is headed? A new report proposes turning a U.S. city into a lab for making those predictions fast and accurate.

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