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November 25, 2003
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play video  Toxin Eaters10.21.03
Scientists have found a new way to clean up polluted groundwater.

play video  Water Worlds10.09.03
Research suggests that water on planets in other solar systems could be more common than originally believed.

play video  Manatee Heat09.23.03
Shutting down old inefficient power plants is good for the environment, right? Not if youíre a manatee.

play video  Underwater Robots09.16.03
The military uses tracking dogs on land, but what about underwater? That’s the job of the Navy‚Äôs newest generation of underwater robots.

play video  Shark Test08.12.03
Scientists have developed a new weapon in the war against poaching great white sharks—a test that will make it easier to spot sales of the endangered species.

play video  Dinosaur Fish07.31.03
They were here before the dinosaurs, but little was known about green sturgeon until recently.

play video  Lost City07.23.03
Oceanographers have found additional evidence that life on earth may have first been found on the ocean floor.

play video  Parasites Lost07.15.03
Biologists have found out why invasive species are often successful, and might have a way to slow them down.

  Homeland Security Sub06.13.03
Homeland security has been tightened on land and in the air, but what about in the water? That calls for autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs.

  Warship Recovery05.16.03
The warships of today owe a lot to an old one being raised from the bottom of the ocean right now, the USS Monitor.

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