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September 20, 2004
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play video  Low-Carb Corn07.16.04
One biochemist has created a low-carb, high-protein corn.

play video  New Doping Fears06.22.04
With the start of the Olympics still weeks away, the contest among anti-doping officials, suspected cheaters and lawyers is in high gear. Now officials out to end sports doping are already facing up to a whole new challenge—genetically altered athletes.

play video  Genetically Altered Athletes06.14.04
Scientists are raising concerns about what they call the future of performance enhancement—genetic doping.

play video  Bug Buster04.22.04
Getting caught in April showers could mean you come down with some bug afterwards. But scientists are working on a way to find out what you’ve got—even before you feel sick.

play video  Anti-Aging Gene03.26.04
Most of us think aging is inevitable, but one scientist has committed her career to proving us wrong.

play video  Alarm Cells03.05.04
A chemistry researcher has created a new device designed to detect unknown biological threats.

play video  Small World03.04.04
One nanotechnologist has come up with a way you can see and hear things at an atomic level.

play video  Bear Bones02.27.04
Scientists are studying how bear hormones could help strengthen human bones.

  Ricin Detection02.04.04
Should the detectors being installed by the U.S. Postal Service have been set off by ricin?

play video  Mad Cow Clues12.24.03
Could the same sort of thing that causes mad cow disease actually do something useful?

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