ScienCentral, Inc. makes sense of science. It was co-founded in 1996 by scientist and CEO/President Eliene Augenbraun to increase the number and quality of science stories broadcast to the public. The company and its archives were bought by MP Axle, Inc. in 2009. We are still producing science and technology content for television, the web, and corporate clients, in addition to working with museums and educational publishers to develop multimedia educational products.

MP Axle offers a full range of production and post production services.

ScienCentral.com is an active and engaging community for science lovers of all levels. You can share or bookmark science content on your favorite social websites using the share buttons. Please comment on our posts and join in on the conversation, ask questions and share your links. Get streaming updates by following our “tweets” on Twitter.


Eliene Augenbraun (Founder and Executive Producer) started the company in 1996. With a Ph.D. in Biology (Columbia University), a D.O. (NY College of Osteopathic Medicine), an NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), and AAAS Diplomacy Fellowship (US Agency for International Development), she does what she loves best: creating science stories for a broad public audience. She has written widely on democratization, career development, and science communications issues.