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Smarter City Birds

Birds with street smarts
Are you a city person or do you prefer country living? Though it may not take more intelligence to live in a city, at least for birds, it does take adaptability.

Hawaiian Heat

With climate change forecasts calling for tough times in tropical climates, scientists in America’s tropical paradise of Hawaii are carefully monitoring nature for signs of change, and citizen scientists are helping them find those signs in the ocean’s coral reefs.

Teens, Frogs & Climate Change

With frogs and other amphibians already dying in large numbers, a group of teenagers is joining other amateur scientists nationwide to gather information on the problem. They’re doing so even as new research shows climate change is likely to worsen the threat. This ScienCentral News video explains.

City Vs. Country Birds

Biologists are comparing country bumpkins and city slickers…among birds. Find out how our feathered friends compare in the age-old debate.

Image: Black Flowerpiercer, courtesy of Paul Martin

Dinosaur Bird Bones

Some hollow bones are providing solid new evidence of how birds evolved from dinosaurs. Scientists have discovered a new carnivorous dinosaur that breathed like a bird.

Early Birds & Springtime

The sounds of birds chirping and fluttering outside your bedroom window are a welcome sign of spring, but scientists have evidence that suggests birds are nesting earlier due to global warming. And the harmful consequences aren’t just for the birds, as this ScienCentral video explains.

Under the Sea 3D: Seas Under Siege

Under the Sea 3D is the new IMAX 3D film now opening in theaters across the country. In this ScienCentral video, filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall discuss the amazing underwater wildlife they caught on film, as well as the problems faced by these creatures due to climate change.

10 Evolution Stories Darwin Would Love

It’s Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and ScienCentral presents a collection of 10 video reports we’ve done though the years that highlight some unique new discoveries in evolution.

The Serenade of the Sterile Mosquito

A new study from Cornell University has introduced new information about the mating “song” of mosquitoes that could help scientists engineer—you guessed it—sexier mosquitoes!

Pink Iguana Discovered in Galapagos; “Doh!” says Darwin

Image courtesy of PNAS/Gabrielle Gentile

One-hundred fifty years after Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Species—the book that laid out his theory of natural selection as a means of evolution—scientists are hailing the evolutionary significance of a creature that Darwin missed during his time in the Galápagos Islands: the pink iguana.


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