Unfiltered: Girls Vs. Boys At Math

“Unfiltered” is a recurring series where ScienCentral reporters give their personal thoughts on the stories they produce. This installment is based on the news story “Girls Vs. Boys At Math.”

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As Goes GM

I know a woman who is relentlessly, ridiculously optimistic. Everything is always for the best.

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Reports From the River

A new blog just debuted that we thought was worth sharing.

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Hatred Close To Home

A horrible terrorist plot nearly unfolded near my home in the Bronx. Can science explain why someone would do such a thing?

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The Trials of Pluto

The passing of Pluto as a planet was bad enough, but now the girl who grew up and old, the girl most famous for naming Pluto, has also passed to the other side.

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Whitesides Wins Another

We’re happy to learn that George Whitesides has won the inaugural Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences.

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I Killed That Mountain: Backyard Climate Blog

Half of the electricity generated in the United States and nearly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from burning coal, and both of those numbers are predicted to rise, according to Department of Energy projections. The Backyard Climate Blog explains.

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Tracking Swine Flu Online – Which Works Best?

Several interactive/multimedia/real-time swine flu tracking pages have popped up in the recent days. Please weigh in on what you like/dislike about the ones mentioned below.

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What’s One Car Worth?; Backyard Climate Blog

If there’s one choice we make every day that has the greatest single impact on our carbon footprint, for most of us it’s how we move ourselves and our gear from Point A to Point B.

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A Vaccine For Swine AND Bird Flu?

While such a vaccine is not ready yet, government researchers are in the midst of promising research into a vaccine that could help prevent all kind of flu, even those that have not even happened yet.

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