Baby Motor Chairs

This Mother’s Day, we bring you the story of one woman’s dream to give her child mobility. This ScienCentral News video reports on research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world- with the help of robots.

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Better Bionic Eye

Artificial, bionic-like eyes, similar to the ones in the iconic image of “The Terminator,” are another step closer to becoming reality. The trick for researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign was that in order to make a tiny video camera work like an eye, it must be shaped like an eye.

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Bug-Built Batteries Can Equal Lithium Ion’s Power

Researchers using genetically engineered viruses to build a better rechargeable battery have now shown that the technology can perform as well as commercially available high-power lithium-ion batteries, but can be produced using less energy and fewer toxic chemicals.

Image courtesy: Georg Fantner

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Mars Rover Anniversary 2009

It’s the fifth anniversary of NASA’s rover mission to Mars, but “Spirit” and “Opportunity” were only supposed to last three months. As the twin rovers emerge intact from yet another Martian winter, lead scientist Steve Squyres reflects on the incredible milestone, and the future.

Annoying Anti-Spam Web Tool Is Helping Digitize History

Anyone who’s spent much time online has encountered websites that require you to solve distorted word puzzles to “prove you’re human.” You may find them annoying but now that effort may not be going to waste. Turns out you and millions of others could be transcribing old books and newspapers little by little, every day.

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See-Through, Bendable Solar Cells Could Expand Use of Solar Power

Solar power cells are still flat, rigid and ugly, 50 years in the making, but that’s about to change, based on new research. Not only might cells be more lightweight, flexible and transparent, their uses could be expanded to things like solar fabrics or power-generating windows. This ScienCentral News video explains what this research means for the future of solar power cells.

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IMAX Filmmakers Push Scientists To The Max

Physics is fun - or at least it is for physicists. But to make it fun enough for a big budget IMAX film, Hollywood moviemakers had to talk some scientists into pushing the limits of their own expertise.

Robofish Can Communicate and “Hunt” Together

Engineers are developing underwater robots that swim like fish, as well as work and communicate with each other underwater. As you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, these “Robofish” do all of this without someone on the surface directing them.

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Video Games & Biology

Video games aren’t just for kids. Researchers are now using the same technology that runs your games to create realistic simulations of biological systems. As this ScienCentral News video reports, the new approach could speed up research into diseases and drug therapies.

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Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are coming to a house or apartment near you. As you’ll see in ScienCentral video, researchers are getting appliances to work together to reduce electrical demand and avoid blackouts.

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