Red Wine & Aging Update

Researchers have a new understanding of why a compound in red wine appears to retard aging in the same way as a very low-calorie diet. An increase in the levels of genes called sirtuin genes protects against aging by similar mechanisms in both very simple organisms like yeast, and in mammals.

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Does Pleasure Get Old?

They say youth is wasted on the young, but when it comes to pleasure chemicals in our brains, the opposite may be true. A study released today shows that there is a drastic change in how our brains respond to pleasure and reward as we age.

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Tip of the Tongue Learning

When you can’t quite remember a tricky word or somebody’s name, trying to excavate it from your memory might be the worst thing you can do, according to new psychology research.

Robot Dog Therapy

New research suggests that robotic dogs can give you some of the same benefits you’d get from the real thing.

Red Wine Aging Drug

Could a pill that’s designed to treat Type 2 Diabetes also be the first anti-aging drug? The pills are based on a substance in, of all things, red wine.

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