Hand Bacteria

You may have heard a study about a study saying girls’ hands have more bacteria than guys. But, as you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, that study shows other fascinating things, like the bacteria on your right hand is different from your left and, while hand-washing is effective in combating bacteria, bacteria levels come back quickly.

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Video Games & Biology

Video games aren’t just for kids. Researchers are now using the same technology that runs your games to create realistic simulations of biological systems. As this ScienCentral News video reports, the new approach could speed up research into diseases and drug therapies.

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Nano Hazards?

Tiny particles of silver designed to kill germs are being put into socks to control odor. What happens to that nanosilver later is concerning some scientists.

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Candy For Cavities

A lollipop that prevents cavities? If you haven’t already seen them in your child’s dentist’s office, you may soon. Researchers pored over Chinese herbal remedies and found the answer lay in licorice.

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Hydrogen Fuel Advance

Someday we may all be driving vehicles powered by clean-burning fuel made by bacteria. Researchers have found a way to jolt bacteria into producing one of the cleanest fuels available-hydrogen.

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