Irreversible Warming

A just published report on the future of global warming is showing that unless the output of carbon dioxide is curbed soon, the severe consequences of global warming will be essentially irreversible.

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CO2 and Plant Pests

Researchers are finding that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air might be bad for our gardens and food prices, even though plants need CO2 to breathe. Research is showing that too much CO2 can make at least one major crop more vulnerable to pests.

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CO2 and Acid Oceans

Research is showing carbon dioxide is not only causing global warming, it’s also causing sea water to become more acidic. The question of what this means for sea life is becoming a hot topic for everyone from scientists to filmmakers.

Greener Plastics

Using carbon dioxide as an ingredient in plastics could help reduce the use of fossil fuels, and be another market for waste CO2. A Cornell chemist has started up a company that’s now making plastics containing up to 50 percent CO2.

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CO2 For Allergies

A new treatment for allergies-with fewer side effects-might come from carbon dioxide.

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