Teens, Frogs & Climate Change

With frogs and other amphibians already dying in large numbers, a group of teenagers is joining other amateur scientists nationwide to gather information on the problem. They’re doing so even as new research shows climate change is likely to worsen the threat. This ScienCentral News video explains.

Early Birds & Springtime

The sounds of birds chirping and fluttering outside your bedroom window are a welcome sign of spring, but scientists have evidence that suggests birds are nesting earlier due to global warming. And the harmful consequences aren’t just for the birds, as this ScienCentral video explains.

Science Friction

Can the newly appointed team of scientific advisors give the president realistic solutions for threats like global warming? Eliene Augenbraun shares her thoughts on conflicting scientific truth and political policy.

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Under the Sea 3D: Seas Under Siege

Under the Sea 3D is the new IMAX 3D film now opening in theaters across the country. In this ScienCentral video, filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall discuss the amazing underwater wildlife they caught on film, as well as the problems faced by these creatures due to climate change.

CO2 and Plant Pests

Researchers are finding that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air might be bad for our gardens and food prices, even though plants need CO2 to breathe. Research is showing that too much CO2 can make at least one major crop more vulnerable to pests.

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Jet Stream Shifting

Scientists are finding that the jet stream is moving towards the north and south poles.

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Melting Glaciers

Scientists are trying to figure out the mystery of exactly how global warming is causing Greenland’s glaciers to speed up on their way to the sea. The leading suspect in this case has been cleared…mostly.

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Rainy Days and Weekdays

Weather researchers have found evidence that rain storms tend to take it easy on the weekend. The extra weekday rain might be caused by the pollution we generate by commuting to work.

Supergreenhouse Climate Mystery

As global temperatures rise, glaciers melt and sea levels go up, right? Well, new research on prehistoric climates indicates that the opposite could somehow be true. The findings add a new twist to how we think about climate change.

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