Faster Fatteners

When it comes to making fat, not all sugars are created equal. Researchers have shown that fructose creates fat in your body more rapidly than other sugars.

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Belly Fat and Long Life

Can surgically removing belly fat lengthen your life? Researchers working with rats have found that it does.

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Diet Food Backfire

Trying to cut calories at that fourth-of-July barbecue? Diet foods and drinks may not be the answer. New research shows foods with no calories just aren’t as satisfying.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Obesity and Infection

Scientists have found yet another reason for you to shed those excess pounds. Researchers working with mice have found that obesity lessens the body’s ability to handle infection.

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Starving Cancer

What if cancer patients could do something to protect healthy tissue from chemotherapy so it only kills the cancer? In a series of studies, researchers have found that a starvation diet for 48 hours before chemo gives healthy cells an edge.

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Overeaters’ Brains

Why do some people keep eating even when they have full tummies? Research using water balloons in the stomach may answer that question.

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