2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal Winner: Stephen Benkovic

The 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science is presented to Stephen Benkovic for his groundbreaking contributions to our mechanistic understanding of enzymes, and for helping to unravel the complexities of the enzymes involved in DNA replication. This ScienCentral Video Profile explains.

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Biology Lessons of the Holocaust

A newly launched curriculum integrating study of the Holocaust with the science of DNA is a great free gift for teachers who believe in cross-curricular instruction but have few resources for practicing it.

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Hand Bacteria

You may have heard a study about a study saying girls’ hands have more bacteria than guys. But, as you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, that study shows other fascinating things, like the bacteria on your right hand is different from your left and, while hand-washing is effective in combating bacteria, bacteria levels come back quickly.

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Inherited Obesity is Amplified Across Generations

If having children is on your agenda and you want to help them avoid being overweight, lose your own fat before you get pregnant. That’s the message from researchers who have found obesity during pregnancy can cause lifelong obesity in the next generations.

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Genetic Geography

Genes don’t just tell whom you’re related to or why you look a certain way; now, they can also tell you where you came from. Researchers have created a genetic map of Europe, and they hope to expand it globally, as this ScienCentral News video explains.

Scientists Win Lasker for micro-RNA Discovery

The Lasker Foundation has announced that Doctors Victor Ambros, Gary Ruvkun, and David Baulcombe won the Lasker Medical Prize for their discovery of micro-RNA molecules, and their role in gene regulation.

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HIV-immune Cells

Doctors are considering using a new technology to genetically modify AIDS patients’ own cells to be resistant to HIV.

Schizophrenia Gene Puzzle

New research suggests that nearly every person with schizophrenia has a different genetic defect.

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Twin DNA Differences

Geneticists are discovering that identical twins don’t have identical DNA. This surprising research could help scientists better understand genetic diseases in the rest of us.


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