Food Flavor Mystery Solved

We’re all familiar with sweet, salty, bitter and sour tastes. But how many of us have heard of umami (pronounced oo-MAH-mee)? The so-called “fifth taste” is found in soups, meats, seafood and cheese.

CO2 and Plant Pests

Researchers are finding that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air might be bad for our gardens and food prices, even though plants need CO2 to breathe. Research is showing that too much CO2 can make at least one major crop more vulnerable to pests.

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Diet Food Backfire

Trying to cut calories at that fourth-of-July barbecue? Diet foods and drinks may not be the answer. New research shows foods with no calories just aren’t as satisfying.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Seeing Hungry

Ghrelin, the chemical in your stomach that causes hunger, also changes how your
brain perceives food.

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