Genetic Geography

Genes don’t just tell whom you’re related to or why you look a certain way; now, they can also tell you where you came from. Researchers have created a genetic map of Europe, and they hope to expand it globally, as this ScienCentral News video explains.

Scientists Win Lasker for micro-RNA Discovery

The Lasker Foundation has announced that Doctors Victor Ambros, Gary Ruvkun, and David Baulcombe won the Lasker Medical Prize for their discovery of micro-RNA molecules, and their role in gene regulation.

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Organ Age Reversal

For the first time, researchers have prevented the typical age-related decline in a whole organ, allowing old mice to have livers that function as if they were young.

Cancer Blood Tests

The holy grail of cancer detection is a simple blood test that would spot signals of cancer early enough to cure it. Now genetics researchers report a surprising discovery that could lead to such tests.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Schizophrenia Gene Puzzle

New research suggests that nearly every person with schizophrenia has a different genetic defect.

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Curly Hair Gene

If you don’t like the hair you were born with, a scientific solution might be in the near future.


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