Naps and Creativity

Telling your boss you need a nap might not be the smartest thing to do at work, but scientific evidence is now on your side. As this ScienCentral News video explains, sleep researchers just released a new study that says naps over an hour long may boost creative problem solving.

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Thin Brains and Depression

It’s well known that depression in your family puts you at high risk of depression. Now researchers have found a structural difference in the brain that could explain why.

Animation: 3-D brain scan, the cortex layer peels away, courtesy Bradley Peterson

Muscular Dystrophy Drug

Researchers have discovered a potential drug for the most common kind of muscular dystrophy. As this ScienCentral News video explains, they’re using a protein already found in the human body to combat muscle damage.

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From Obese to Fit: Jennifer’s Story

Last year, the SciencCentral story Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer featured Jennifer Schultz’ experience of gastric bypass surgery. In this extended video interview, Jennifer shares the story of her lifelong battle with morbid obesity and how the surgery helped her to transform her life.

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Melanoma Detector

“Is that skin cancer?” Even experts can be confused by skin moles that might or might not be melanomas. But now diagnosing the aggressive skin cancer is about to become easier. As this ScienCentral News video explains, researchers have developed a new test for melanoma that could prevent it from being misdiagnosed.
Image courtesy: Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, UCSF

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Waiting Room Gadget

As any parent knows, teens love texting. Now one doctor hopes to turn that habit into improved medical care. A new waiting room gadget may be the way to get reluctant teens to communicate with their doctors.

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Belly Fat and Long Life

Can surgically removing belly fat lengthen your life? Researchers working with rats have found that it does.

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Anti-Cancer Blood Transfusion

Researchers announced that they’ll soon start human trials of a cancer fighting method that uses blood from people who may be naturally cancer resistant. For a decade the researchers have studied how this works in mice, and now they’ve received federal approval to try it in people.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Caffeine and Skin

Research into the effects of caffeine in mice shows the drug can help get rid of sun damaged skin cells before they become cancerous.

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