Go Play Outside

Feeling like you’re suffering from brain drain and you can’t concentrate? Psychologists have now found out that taking some time to interact with nature, even in cold weather, can make you a bit smarter.

Night Shift Health

Should working or playing odd hours come with a warning label? Maybe it should now that a new study is showing how living outside “normal” hours is hard on your body.

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Irreversible Warming

A just published report on the future of global warming is showing that unless the output of carbon dioxide is curbed soon, the severe consequences of global warming will be essentially irreversible.

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Tree Death Update

A new report published by government scientists today in the journal Science says that tree deaths have more than doubled in older forests across the western U.S., with global warming to blame. ScienCentral News recently reported on one of the major ways this is playing out: with the help of tiny beetles that are killing trees by the millions.

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Food and Global Warming

Half the world’s population could be facing a food crisis by the end of the century due to global warming. That’s the grim assessment of scientists who looked at projections of global warming’s impact on the average temperatures during the growing season.

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Brain “Boot Camp” Makes You Smarter

Is getting more exercise among your New Year’s resolutions? What about some training for your brain? Researchers have put people through a series of brain exercises—a brain boot camp—and found that, just like exercise for your body, exercise for your brain pays off.

Trees and Forests Show Stress From Global Warming

When we bring a tree into the living room for the holidays we know it will lose needles. But, this season millions of trees still in the forest are losing needles, leaves – and their lives — at the hands of beetles. With the help of global warming, the tiny pests are doing the kind of damage to forests you might think only fires could do.

Hand Bacteria

You may have heard a study about a study saying girls’ hands have more bacteria than guys. But, as you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, that study shows other fascinating things, like the bacteria on your right hand is different from your left and, while hand-washing is effective in combating bacteria, bacteria levels come back quickly.

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Network of Citizens’ Laptops Will Monitor Earthquakes

Scientists want you to help them catch earthquakes. Rather, they want your computer to do it. As you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, scientists hope to use the down time on people’s computers to help get a better profile on earthquakes as they happen.

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Robofish Can Communicate and “Hunt” Together

Engineers are developing underwater robots that swim like fish, as well as work and communicate with each other underwater. As you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, these “Robofish” do all of this without someone on the surface directing them.

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