Study Says Mindless Doodling Improves Memory

Good news for college students and meeting-goers everywhere. A study released today, published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, suggests that mindless doodling might actually improve memory.

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Your Memory Is Bigger and Better Than Scientists Expected

Good news about our brains—turns out our visual memory is bigger and better than previously thought. The study authors even offer a tip to help improve your memory, and keep you from losing your keys.

Tip of the Tongue Learning

When you can’t quite remember a tricky word or somebody’s name, trying to excavate it from your memory might be the worst thing you can do, according to new psychology research.

Magnetic Brain Boost

Lack of sleep often comes at times when we need to perform at our best. Now brain researchers studying how sleep deprivation impairs memory have found a potential remedy.

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Brain Size and Alzheimer’s

Researchers now say that having a big brain may protect you from the memory-stealing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, even if you have the brain plaques associated with the disease.

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