Climate 101

A group of government agencies has just released “an easily readable document” consisting of the things you need to know in order to be literate about the science of climate change. It is a non-political review of the scientific facts and a must-read as far as we’re concerned.

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Irreversible Warming

A just published report on the future of global warming is showing that unless the output of carbon dioxide is curbed soon, the severe consequences of global warming will be essentially irreversible.

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CO2 and Acid Oceans

Research is showing carbon dioxide is not only causing global warming, it’s also causing sea water to become more acidic. The question of what this means for sea life is becoming a hot topic for everyone from scientists to filmmakers.

Hearing Hurricanes

Researchers are finding a way to match the sound below the ocean’s surface to the hurricane’s wind speed.

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Rainy Days and Weekdays

Weather researchers have found evidence that rain storms tend to take it easy on the weekend. The extra weekday rain might be caused by the pollution we generate by commuting to work.


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