From Obese to Fit: Jennifer’s Story

Last year, the SciencCentral story Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer featured Jennifer Schultz’ experience of gastric bypass surgery. In this extended video interview, Jennifer shares the story of her lifelong battle with morbid obesity and how the surgery helped her to transform her life.

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Inherited Obesity is Amplified Across Generations

If having children is on your agenda and you want to help them avoid being overweight, lose your own fat before you get pregnant. That’s the message from researchers who have found obesity during pregnancy can cause lifelong obesity in the next generations.

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Diabetes Surgery

It may be the closest known thing to a cure for type 2 diabetes: gastric bypass surgery, currently done only for major weight loss. But one surgeon hopes to prove that a similar surgery could help non-obese diabetics. Meet a diabetes patient who’s determined to have the surgery.

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Belly Fat and Long Life

Can surgically removing belly fat lengthen your life? Researchers working with rats have found that it does.

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Diet Food Backfire

Trying to cut calories at that fourth-of-July barbecue? Diet foods and drinks may not be the answer. New research shows foods with no calories just aren’t as satisfying.

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Sweet Tooth Gene

Researchers have linked a specific gene difference to consuming more sugary foods. They even uncovered how the sweet tooth gene likely affects sugar intake.

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Seeing Hungry

Ghrelin, the chemical in your stomach that causes hunger, also changes how your
brain perceives food.

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Bad Belly Fat

Belly fat may cause blockages in the arteries. The finding could lead to better drugs to protect against heart disease.

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Diabetes Brake

Researchers have discovered how to stop a critical braking mechanism that makes obese people non-responsive to insulin, leading to diabetes. Finding this molecular brake gives hope for a new generation of diabetes drugs.

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Obesity and Infection

Scientists have found yet another reason for you to shed those excess pounds. Researchers working with mice have found that obesity lessens the body’s ability to handle infection.

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