Pollution Gives Asthma to the Unborn

Pregnant women go to great lengths to ensure good health for their unborn babies: cutting out things like alcohol or caffeine while adding certain recommended foods. But evidence is mounting for a risk factor that moms-to-be can’t easily control: where they live during pregnancy.

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Nano Hazards?

Tiny particles of silver designed to kill germs are being put into socks to control odor. What happens to that nanosilver later is concerning some scientists.

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Rainy Days and Weekdays

Weather researchers have found evidence that rain storms tend to take it easy on the weekend. The extra weekday rain might be caused by the pollution we generate by commuting to work.

Nano Pollution and Health

Scientists find that air pollution is even worse for you than previously thought. New research shows how tiny particles from vehicle emissions can cause heart disease and other problems.

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Pollution Cost

Scientists have totaled up the cost of damage to the world’s environment during the past 40 years. The study shows that the world’s poorest countries have been stuck with more than their share of the bill.

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