Baby Motor Chairs

This Mother’s Day, we bring you the story of one woman’s dream to give her child mobility. This ScienCentral News video reports on research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world- with the help of robots.

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Robot Lizards’ Pushups Fool Real Lizards

A robot lizard that does pushups! No, it’s not the latest must-have toy this Christmas. It’s a research tool for studying “lizard-speak” in the wild.

The Real WALL-E

The new Disney movie WALL-E features robots of the future actively helping humans. But the future is now. A real robot called uBot could help us take care of elderly relatives from miles away.

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Fly Flight Simulators

Scientists have built a flight simulator for the fly. The work could lead to new flying robots.

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Robot Dog Therapy

New research suggests that robotic dogs can give you some of the same benefits you’d get from the real thing.


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