As Goes GM

I know a woman who is relentlessly, ridiculously optimistic. Everything is always for the best.

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My Battle For Alternative Energy: Backyard Climate Blog

Depending on where you live, you may have genuine energy choice – but in most states, you probably don’t. And if that sounds like a mixed message, welcome to the wonderful world of alternative energy in a deregulated market with a loophole you could drive an SUV through.

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The Trials of Pluto

The passing of Pluto as a planet was bad enough, but now the girl who grew up and old, the girl most famous for naming Pluto, has also passed to the other side.

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Whitesides Wins Another

We’re happy to learn that George Whitesides has won the inaugural Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences.

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I Killed That Mountain: Backyard Climate Blog

Half of the electricity generated in the United States and nearly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from burning coal, and both of those numbers are predicted to rise, according to Department of Energy projections. The Backyard Climate Blog explains.

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Tracking Swine Flu Online – Which Works Best?

Several interactive/multimedia/real-time swine flu tracking pages have popped up in the recent days. Please weigh in on what you like/dislike about the ones mentioned below.

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Dig Hole, Add Free Tree, Water

Before you start digging that hole, aren’t you wondering where to get the tree? The Arbor Day Foundation has you covered.

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Don’t Drive to the Earth Day Event: Backyard Climate Blog

Ah, Earth Day, that glorious time of year when we gather to celebrate the planet and recommit ourselves to its preservation - if only it weren’t for that awkward moment when we pull up in front of the flapping green banners and compost bins to park the car.

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Catch of the Day

Trolling the web today, we found a decent primer on the issue of seafood and pitfalls like overfishing or the unintended effects of aquaculture.

Image: Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, courtesy NOAA

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Heat Waves Are Coming: Backyard Climate Blog

It may be hard to believe, but while much of the eastern U.S. was digging out from a series of snowstorms, Earth as a whole was experiencing its ninth warmest February on record.

Image: 2007 US heat wave, courtesy: NASA

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