Street Corner Science with Stephen Benkovic

ScienCentral is taking science back to the people with our second installment of “Street Corner Science,” the radical yet-simple concept in which a film crew and a renowned scientist are plunked down amidst a busy city center, and an impromptu Q&A session with the public ensues.

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Thin Brains and Depression

It’s well known that depression in your family puts you at high risk of depression. Now researchers have found a structural difference in the brain that could explain why.

Animation: 3-D brain scan, the cortex layer peels away, courtesy Bradley Peterson

Baby Motor Chairs

This Mother’s Day, we bring you the story of one woman’s dream to give her child mobility. This ScienCentral News video reports on research that is opening the door for special needs babies to explore the world- with the help of robots.

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From Obese to Fit: Jennifer’s Story

Last year, the SciencCentral story Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer featured Jennifer Schultz’ experience of gastric bypass surgery. In this extended video interview, Jennifer shares the story of her lifelong battle with morbid obesity and how the surgery helped her to transform her life.

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City Vs. Country Birds

Biologists are comparing country bumpkins and city slickers…among birds. Find out how our feathered friends compare in the age-old debate.

Image: Black Flowerpiercer, courtesy of Paul Martin

Thrill Seekers Lack Brakes In The Brain

New research gives a possible explanation for why some of us are thrill seekers and others like to play it safe. The study found that some of us can’t control the release of a certain brain chemical.

“Cuddle Hormone” Improves Memory

The so-called “cuddle hormone” is known to increase generosity and trust. Now a new study shows it can improve a certain kind of memory.

Night Shift Health

Should working or playing odd hours come with a warning label? Maybe it should now that a new study is showing how living outside “normal” hours is hard on your body.

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Make Mushrooms Taste Like Bacon

Sunita Reed has learned a recipe that has her and others at ScienCentral fairly astonished: how to make mushrooms taste like bacon. In this ScienCentral Video, Sunita Reed and Chef Elliot Prag mix up some umami flavor.

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Food Flavor Mystery Solved

We’re all familiar with sweet, salty, bitter and sour tastes. But how many of us have heard of umami (pronounced oo-MAH-mee)? The so-called “fifth taste” is found in soups, meats, seafood and cheese.


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