From Obese to Fit: Jennifer’s Story

Last year, the SciencCentral story Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Cancer featured Jennifer Schultz’ experience of gastric bypass surgery. In this extended video interview, Jennifer shares the story of her lifelong battle with morbid obesity and how the surgery helped her to transform her life.

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Highlighting Cancer

Cancer surgery is tricky because you don’t want to miss any cancer, but you also don’t want to cut healthy tissue. Now doctors are testing a new technique that uses a safe chemical highlighter, allowing surgeons to cut by color.

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Diabetes Surgery

It may be the closest known thing to a cure for type 2 diabetes: gastric bypass surgery, currently done only for major weight loss. But one surgeon hopes to prove that a similar surgery could help non-obese diabetics. Meet a diabetes patient who’s determined to have the surgery.

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Belly Fat and Long Life

Can surgically removing belly fat lengthen your life? Researchers working with rats have found that it does.

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Gecko Stitches

Unlocking the gecko’s ability to walk on walls is leading researchers to find a way to replace surgical stitches with sticky tape. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the challenge is to make a surgical tape that works in the wet conditions inside your body.


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