Girls Vs. Boys at Math

Are men naturally better at math than women or is that just an out-dated stereotype? When former Harvard president Larry Summers said publicly in 2005 that men are innately better at math, many women were outraged. So a couple of women scientists decided to research it. This ScienCentral News video explains their report published this week.

Thin Brains and Depression

It’s well known that depression in your family puts you at high risk of depression. Now researchers have found a structural difference in the brain that could explain why.

Animation: 3-D brain scan, the cortex layer peels away, courtesy Bradley Peterson

Hearing Motion

Imagine if words created a taste in your mouth, or music generated bursts of color. Some people have a rare condition called synesthesia, where their senses are somewhat crossed. Now scientists have found a new type of that condition: people who “hear” motion.

Anti-Cancer Blood Transfusion

Researchers announced that they’ll soon start human trials of a cancer fighting method that uses blood from people who may be naturally cancer resistant. For a decade the researchers have studied how this works in mice, and now they’ve received federal approval to try it in people.

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Better (Rewriteable) Holograms

Live, 3D holographic movies are now a big step closer. As this ScienCentral News video explains, researchers are developing them using a new material that makes holograms rewritable.

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