ScienCentral, Inc. was a production company that was co-founded in 1996 by scientist and CEO/President Eliene Augenbraun to increase the number and quality of science stories broadcast to the public. The company and its archives were bought by MP Axle, Inc. in 2009. We are still producing science and technology content for television, the web, and corporate clients, in addition to working with museums and educational publishers to develop multimedia educational products.


Our hope is that if you tune in to our videos a few times per week, we can help you make better sense of the world and give you a glimpse into current hot topics and research areas in science, all for a time investment of a couple of minutes.


ScienCentral offers a full range of production and post production services.
If you are interested in working with the ScienCentral Productions unit on your video project, contact us.


ScienCentral Web Shows are exclusively available through our website. With extended interviews, “Web Extras” that expand on our news stories, and original features and series, we try to connect you with science in innovative, informative, and entertaining ways.


Here you’ll find rants, raves, and random thoughts from ScienCentral contributors, as well as administrative information relating to the site. Comment away!


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Eliene Augenbraun — President/CEO: Eliene founded the company in 1996. With a Ph.D. in Biology (Columbia University), a D.O. (NY College of Osteopathic Medicine), an NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), and AAAS Diplomacy Fellowship (US Agency for International Development), she does what she loves best: creating science stories for a broad public audience. She has written widely on democratization, career development, and science communications issues.

Chris Bergendorff — Associate Producer/Assistant Editor and Videographer: Chris Bergendorff grew up in the suburbs of Long Island. He graduated from Boston College in 2006, where he majored in Psychology and helped create the semi-popular campus news show: “Now You Know”. He also spent a month in South Africa, studying wildlife filmmaking at the Wildlife Film Academy. Chris also loves dinosaurs. A lot.


Sandy Chase — Producer, Post Production: Sandy Chase studied Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics at Duke University. He has produced science programming for Discovery Education, and also worked as a dancer and choreographer in film and television. He was host of ScienCentral’s 2007 internet show “Science Sensei” and currently teaches jujitsu in New York City.


Emily Driscoll — Associate Producer, Productions: Emily Driscoll holds a Master’s Degree in Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting from New York University. Before coming to ScienCentral, she contributed reports to PBS, NBC Universal, The National Audubon Society, Scientific American Mind, and Livescience.com. Emily also coaches competitive badminton in New York City.


James Eagan — Video Editor/Videographer: Jim Eagan’s affable personality and appreciation of a good joke belies his serious, no-nonsense approach to all things video. He is a wizard at the edit station, and his passion for science is intense. Away from the gadgets, Eagan enjoys going to the beach and watching any kind of motorsport.


Ryan Pitcheralle — Head of Online Productions/ Web Marketing: Ryan studied IT and Digital Media at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. After working in Product Management at Deutsche Bank, Ryan wanted to work with the new marketing concepts that are prevalent within the Web 2.0 environment here at ScienCentral. Ryan has a background in automotive sales and would like to specialize in the sale of electric and fuel cell vehicles.


Joyce Gramza — Senior Producer, News/Assignment Editor: In her nearly two decades as a science journalist, Joyce Gramza’s stories have been seen by many millions of local and network TV news viewers nationwide, as well as Web, national magazine, and local newspaper audiences. She has considerable experience covering the neuroscience and genetics beats, and has also blogged about mentalhealth issues as they affect her community and family. Joyce has a BS in chemistry as well as an MA in journalism from New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program.


Jose Grullon — Office Manager: Jose Grullon joined ScienCentral in 2003. He has a strong interest in science and technology and loves a technical challenge. Jose enjoys working with computers and has held several technical positions in the past with companies like American Express, Philip Morris, and TIAA-CREF.


Brad Kloza — Co-News Director: Brad Kloza has been with ScienCentral since 1999 and currently serves as Co-News Director. Before joining the company he was a magazine writer and
editor, including work for the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, and Scholastic. He wishes pinball machines weren’t so hard to find these days.


Jack Penland — Co-News Director: Jack Penland has been News Director at ScienCentral since 2000. Now, living in the Seattle area, he’s the West Coast News Director, and sharing News Director duties. Penland is a former producer for ABC News. He spent 17 years at KTVK-TV, Phoenix where duties at various times included Executive Producer and Managing Editor. He was also News Director of KTAR Newsradio in Phoenix.


Sunita Reed — Associate Producer, News: Sunita Reed received a degree in biology from SUNY/College at Old Westbury where she co-authored several neurobiology research papers with her professors. She later studied mass communications at Louisiana State University and reported stories on-air while interning at NBC-33. She worked five years for children’s advocacy non-profits, and then as assistant editor of a documentary on Ethiopian orphans adopted by Americans.


Charles Young — Video Editor, Productions: Before joining ScienCentral, Charles worked as a Production Assistant for Open House, a real estate show on CNN. He received his B.A. in Broadcasting from Montclair State University in 2005 and is a New Jersey native. Aside from science and video editing, Charles enjoys skateboarding and music production.




ScienCentral relies on experts from a wide range of scientific disciplines to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of its content. Here is a list of our advisors:

Andrzej Bartke, PhD, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Carol Berkower PhD, Consultant
Patrick Hof, MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Gerald J. Iafrate, PhD, North Carolina State University
Randy L. Jirtle, PhD, Duke University, Durham, NC
Amanda Katz, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
David Kuebel, PhD, St. John Fisher College
Barbara Larsen, PhD, Past President, American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Leon Lederman, PhD, Nobel Laureate in Physics
Jay Letto, Society of Environmental Journalists
Kevin Long, MD, Millipore
Isabel Montanez, PhD, UC Davis
James H. Powell, MD, National Medical Association
Shira Rodriguez, Teacher, Beit Rabban
Charles Rotimi, MD, NIH Center for Genomics and Health Disparities
Pedro Safier, Chief Scientist, S&J Solutions
Michael Sailor, PhD, University of California San Diego
Abigail Salyers, PhD, UIUC
Phil Sharp, PhD, MIT, Nobelist in Medicine or Physiology
Stephen M. Siviy, PhD, Gettysburg College
Michael Stebbins, PhD, Federation Of American Scientists
Suzanne Teuber, PhD, University of California Davis
Sam Wang, PhD, Princeton University


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