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March 10, 2013
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  Dying Sun?06.27.08
 Is the Sun dead? Probably not, despite news reports to the contrary.

play video  Mars Rover Anniversary01.03.08
 It’s the fourth anniversary of NASA’s rover mission to Mars and both "Spirit" and "Opportunity" have made it to spots where their solar panels are getting enough power from the planets’ weak winter sunlight. The anniversary marks another incredible milestone, because the rovers were expected to last only a few months.

  Procrastination Inflation (and more): Science Sensei 311.07.07
 A surfer in space, spying on crows, and taking your time on purpose.

play video  Martian Living08.09.07
 How do you get "Martian jet lag" without going to Mars? Steve Squyres, proud father of the twin Mars Exploration Rovers, explains in this Web Extra video.

play video  Mars Rover Survival07.24.07
 As NASA Scientists worry that a continued dust storm on Mars could doom their twin robotic rovers to power failure, it’s easy to forget they were only designed to last 90 days in the first place.

play video  After Earth08.29.06
 While yet another shuttle launch is delayed, this one due to nature, NASA says it is gearing up to for the mission to the moon, Mars and beyond. Some space experts say that for the plan to colonize space to ever succeed, it needs to get across the message that natural disasters and manmade threats to the planet make it imperative for Earthlings to have a backup plan.

play video  Space Boost08.25.06
 Space entrepreneurs who want to fly you into orbit will get their chance to take cargo and crews to the space station when the space shuttles retire. NASA’s award of contracts totaling $500 million to private rocketeers is a boost for a new approach to spaceflight.

play video  Stellar Year12.29.05
 If you think a lot happened in 2005, you’re right. Some of it was right over your head. Astronomers learned so much new stuff this year, even they could hardly keep up.

play video  Earth’s Other Moon11.08.05
 We’ve all heard about the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. But what about the giant impact that created our moon and core?

play video  Space X08.12.05
 While NASA grounds the aging space shuttle over technical flaws, some companies
are firing new rockets that one Internet millionaire says could make space travel
better and cheaper.