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March 10, 2013
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  Thrill Seekers Lack ’Brakes’ in the Brain03.11.09
 New research shows that thrill seekers can’t control the release of dopamine.

  Gasoline From Trees04.29.08
 Scientists have found a way to convert wood fiber from trees into fuel for your car. The surprisingly simple process might put biofuels in your car’s tank without using the world’s food supply.

  Immunity Boost03.08.08
 Amid the news of a $23-million dollar court settlement by the makers of Airborne (a supplement that’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with the claim that it boosts the immune system) biomedical engineers are publishing research on a powder that could turn out to be the real thing. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the new powder could first be used to help fight cancer.

play video  Gecko Stitches02.18.08
 Unlocking the gecko’s ability to walk on walls is leading researchers to find a way to replace surgical stitches with sticky tape. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the challenge is to make a surgical tape that works in the wet conditions inside your body.

  Nano Food: Science Sensei 612.05.07
 He goes where no man has gone before. He discovers new taste sensations. And he’s not ashamed to wear a fanny pack while doing it. Science Sensei: Science. Satire. Silly. This week: The smallest food ever.

play video  Color-Changing Gel11.28.07
 A smart gel that dramatically changes color in response to heat, water and salt? As this ScienCentral News video explains, the uses could range from color-changing clothes to monitoring food safety.

play video  Advice From a Nobel Laureate10.12.07
 Nobel laureate Susumu Tonegawa is a professor of biology and neuroscience at M.I.T.’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory. In this ScienCentral News video, Tonegawa describes his early years of study and gives advice to young scientists today.

play video  Super Sticky Stuff09.18.07
 Imagine a pair of gloves that lets you climb walls like Spider Man. Now imagine
a pair of gloves like that which also work under water. Scientists say they can make adhesives that do that, but they needed the help of a reptile and a shellfish to
figure out how.

play video  Self-Healing Plastic Web Extra08.16.07
 Researchers from the Beckman Institute at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a kind of plastic that mimics the healing abilities of human skin. This video includes extended, technical interview clips from researchers Kathleen Toohey and Scott White. They discuss the physical make-up of the self-healing materials, the challenges faced in developing them, and what the future holds for their new microvascular technique.

play video  Cholesterol Marker05.31.07
 Researchers are developing a new tool in the battle against heart attacks and stroke. They’re finding a way to spot dangerous plaque deposits before they can cause medical problems.