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December 17, 2004
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play video  Fishing for Trouble02.13.03
Both marine biologists and chefs are working together to give some fish a break.

  Ice Mountain02.07.03
A group of scientific adventurers went on a mission to measure climate change in an effort to learn whether the Antarctic ice cap is shrinking or growing.

play video  Modified Mosquitoes01.28.03
One of the world’s biggest killers, malaria takes millions of lives each year and that number is on the rise. But genetic engineers are working on modifying mosquitoes so they can’t transmit deadly diseases.

play video  Sinking City12.19.02
Low-lying, coastal cities around the world are in a battle with nature that threatens to wash them away.

play video  Shifting Seas11.12.02
Two studies—60 years apart—show that sea life is already dramatically changing along one spot in northern California.

play video  Harry Potter’s Owl11.05.02
Harry Potter is back, and along with him, a barrage of phone calls to nature groups from people who want an owl just like Harry’s. Problem is, owls make terrible pets.

play video  Cloned Cuisine10.01.02
Genetically engineered animals may soon be what’s for dinner. But the government still has some safety questions first.

play video  Andrew + 1008.16.02
Ten years after the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, this hurricane season looks more foreboding than the season of Andrew.

play video  Cancer Watchdogs08.02.02
Family pets could serve as cancer watchdogs.

play video  Lawn Gone07.26.02
Replacing your lawn with seldom-used native grasses can help keep your carpet green even in a season of drought.

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