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March 10, 2013
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  Greener Plastics07.08.08
 Using carbon dioxide as an ingredient in plastics could help reduce the use of fossil fuels, and be another market for waste CO2. A Cornell chemist has started up a company that’s now making plastics containing up to 50 percent CO2.

  Squid Beaks04.25.08
 Researchers have long asked how soft squishy squid can have such hard, sharp beaks. The answers could lead to a useful new class of materials.

  Immunity Boost03.08.08
 Amid the news of a $23-million dollar court settlement by the makers of Airborne (a supplement that’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with the claim that it boosts the immune system) biomedical engineers are publishing research on a powder that could turn out to be the real thing. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the new powder could first be used to help fight cancer.

  Better (Rewriteable) Holograms03.06.08
 Live, 3D holographic movies are now a big step closer. As this ScienCentral
News video explains, researchers are developing them using a new material
that makes holograms rewritable.

play video  Bionic Contact Lenses02.22.08
 Is bionic vision in your future? It might be if engineers can perfect a contact lens filed with electronics. As this ScienCentral News report explains, engineers have demonstrated how to put electronics inside a contact lens.

play video  Gecko Stitches02.18.08
 Unlocking the gecko’s ability to walk on walls is leading researchers to find a way to replace surgical stitches with sticky tape. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the challenge is to make a surgical tape that works in the wet conditions inside your body.

  "Jumper" stars discuss teleportation02.08.08
 Actor Hayden Christensen and director Doug Liman were kind enough, and brave
enough, to talk to us about their understanding of teleportation in the real
world (as opposed to in their new movie, Jumper).

  Invisibility: Science Sensei 1101.21.08
 The concept of invisibility is a staple of science fiction, but might scientists turn it into a reality? Science Sensei reports on some of the progress that’s been made so far, and reveals what the implications for society are.

  Nano Food: Science Sensei 612.05.07
 He goes where no man has gone before. He discovers new taste sensations. And he’s not ashamed to wear a fanny pack while doing it. Science Sensei: Science. Satire. Silly. This week: The smallest food ever.

play video  Color-Changing Gel11.28.07
 A smart gel that dramatically changes color in response to heat, water and salt? As this ScienCentral News video explains, the uses could range from color-changing clothes to monitoring food safety.