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March 10, 2013
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  Under the Sea 3D08.06.08
 ScienCentral sat down with filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall to talk about their upcoming IMAX film, "Under the Sea 3D". The video also features pre-released footage from the film and behind-the-scenes footage of its production, which is still in progress.

  Jet Stream Shifting06.17.08
 Scientists are finding that the jet stream is moving towards the north and south poles.

  Hearing Hurricanes05.29.08
 Researchers are finding a way to match the sound below the ocean’s surface to the hurricane’s wind speed.

  Melting Glaciers05.16.08
 Scientists are trying to figure out the mystery of exactly how global warming is causing Greenland’s glaciers to speed up on their way to the sea. The leading suspect in this case has been cleared...mostly.

  Gasoline From Trees04.29.08
 Scientists have found a way to convert wood fiber from trees into fuel for your car. The surprisingly simple process might put biofuels in your car’s tank without using the world’s food supply.

play video  Supergreenhouse Climate Mystery02.26.08
 As global temperatures rise, glaciers melt and sea levels go up, right? Well, new research on prehistoric climates indicates that the opposite could somehow be true. The findings add a new twist to how we think about climate change.

play video  Storms and Warming02.07.08
 Researchers studying the expected impact of global warming say many parts of the United States will see more thunderstorms as a result. They spotted an increase in the number of days with the conditions necessary to create big storms.

play video  Pollution Cost01.21.08
 Scientists have totaled up the cost of damage to the world’s environment during the past 40 years. The study shows that the world’s poorest countries have been stuck with more than their share of the bill.

play video  Predicting Winter09.06.07
 Want the most reliable forecast of how severe this winter will be? One scientist says just watch Siberia’s weather come October.

play video  More Katrinas Predicted08.28.07
 It may not feel like it as we remember the lives lost and the destruction from hurricane Katrina two years ago, but scientists are gathering more and more evidence that the increase in the number of major hurricanes since 1995 may be a return to normal levels. They reached that conclusion by examining, among other things, sand pushed ashore by hurricanes.