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December 20, 2004
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play video  Diamonds of the Deep08.16.01
The journal Science has just released a report weighing in on an international controversy over the most sought-after fish in the sea.

play video  Heavy Hurricanes07.19.01
It’s a dire hurricane forecast for the eastern United States and the Caribbean.

play video  Ice Station Berg03.29.01
Scientists are ready to track the journey of an enormous iceberg thanks to a very unusual airlift.

  Killer Cargo11.30.00
New research shows that commercial ships traveling among ports scattered throughout the globe transfer large numbers of microbes in their ballast water. At least two of them are known to cause disease.

  Tipping the Scales11.09.00
Eating fish may be healthy for you, but eating some kinds of fish may not be healthy for the environment. Some species of fish are so depleted they are now in danger of disappearing from markets and restaurants.

  Old El Niño10.25.00
Researchers have found a way to study the El Niños and La Niñas of the past, with the help of coral reefs. And a new study raises the question of whether the weather extremes are likely to continue, and even get worse.

  La Niña Forecast01.06.00
La Niña is here to stay.

  Troubled Waters11.19.99
Waters containing the highest levels of human and synthetic hormones have adverse effects on wildlife and may pose a potential threat to humans.

  Sulfur Skies08.18.99
Emissions from ship engines may be a major cause of sulfur dioxide concentrations in the skies over much of the Earth’s coastal regions and oceans.

  The Ice Clouds Cometh07.08.99
Noctilucent clouds are not just a nocturnal light show. Many believe the glow-in-the-dark clouds are a signature of global atmospheric changes caused by pollutants.

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