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April 7, 2013
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  Fly Flight Simulators06.06.08
 Scientists have built a flight simulator for the fly. The work could lead to new flying robots.

  Gasoline From Trees04.29.08
 Scientists have found a way to convert wood fiber from trees into fuel for your car. The surprisingly simple process might put biofuels in your car’s tank without using the world’s food supply.

  Better (Rewriteable) Holograms03.06.08
 Live, 3D holographic movies are now a big step closer. As this ScienCentral
News video explains, researchers are developing them using a new material
that makes holograms rewritable.

play video  Bionic Contact Lenses02.22.08
 Is bionic vision in your future? It might be if engineers can perfect a contact lens filed with electronics. As this ScienCentral News report explains, engineers have demonstrated how to put electronics inside a contact lens.

play video  "Jumper" & Real Teleportation02.12.08
 From "Star Trek" to the new sci-fi film "Jumper," we’re all familiar with the idea of teleportation. But as this ScienCentral News video explains, scientists are actually doing real teleportation experiments in the lab.

  "Jumper" stars discuss teleportation02.08.08
 Actor Hayden Christensen and director Doug Liman were kind enough, and brave
enough, to talk to us about their understanding of teleportation in the real
world (as opposed to in their new movie, Jumper).

  Invisibility: Science Sensei 1101.21.08
 The concept of invisibility is a staple of science fiction, but might scientists turn it into a reality? Science Sensei reports on some of the progress that’s been made so far, and reveals what the implications for society are.

play video  Hydrogen Fuel Advance01.05.08
 Someday we may all be driving vehicles powered by clean-burning fuel made by bacteria. Researchers have found a way to jolt bacteria into producing one of the cleanest fuels available-hydrogen.

  Nano Food: Science Sensei 612.05.07
 He goes where no man has gone before. He discovers new taste sensations. And he’s not ashamed to wear a fanny pack while doing it. Science Sensei: Science. Satire. Silly. This week: The smallest food ever.

play video  Color-Changing Gel11.28.07
 A smart gel that dramatically changes color in response to heat, water and salt? As this ScienCentral News video explains, the uses could range from color-changing clothes to monitoring food safety.